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Pressure system, made up of uprights, shelves, accessories and containers. Bifacial and wall, able to formulate multiple solutions for the living area, sleeping area and workspaces.

The uprights are pressure, for greater safety, are fixed to the ceiling. When ordering it is necessary to communicate the exact height because uprights are cut to size.

The desk module of the K2 system is an ideal solution for remote working and home office environments. Available in three spans (60, 90 and 120 cm) and in the two wooden essences, thanks to its versatility it can create an elegant and practical workspace, also on existing K2 systems.

Available in five different finishes to RAL and two types of wood (oak, walnut) can be installed in various environments, working, domestic, showroom.

Wall version of the K2 system, composed of uprights, containers and accessories. The upper part of the upright is fixed to the wall and the weight is unloaded on the floor. Available in different coulours finishings and in two types of wood. Customized measurements and special RAL can also be required.

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