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Wall system composed of uprights, shelves and containers. The variety of heights, depths and lengths of the components allows the realization of bookcases, wardrobes and exhibitors. The elements, freely positioned, gives you the maximum customization. Available in five different finishes RAL colors and two types of wood, oak and walnut.

Living Area: is possible to arrange a wall mounted TV with containers to house decoder, HiFi.

or simply bookshelf

Wardrobe zone: the system is enhanced by accessories such as tube hangers, the inclined shelves for shoes and the various containers to create the wardrobe.

Office Area

Kids room

If you change the home, you can give a new life to the system, re-formulating the structure, changing color or by implementing it with new accessories, the K1 is a timeless system.

Size and standard finishes, you can ask for special sizes and colors.

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